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Lighting products
Light engineering is used to illuminate large premises, the territory adjacent to buildings, and elements of urban infrastructure. The main principle by which the company is guided in its work is honesty and integrity. Scand Engineering Group LLC offers installation services for all types of lighting products. We are ready to take on the work of any complexity, having many years of experience working with large companies from European countries.

We install new equipment qualitatively and within a reasonable time frame, modernize the existing system. Our employees are able to work in strict accordance with the technical specifications, achieving effective work of the installed lighting engineering.

Ready to offer customers:
To carry out design work with a mandatory visit to the installation site of products;
Make installation of lighting products, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you;
Improve existing equipment, offer related products.
The company is engaged in a wide range of lighting and other goods. For many years we have been working in the international market, meeting the standards of European quality. Call us!

Types of lighting
Products sold by us can be divided into several large groups - for outdoor and indoor use. There is also a division by radius of action - on spotlights (distance from 30 meters) and the lamps themselves.
The engineers working in the company are familiar with all the features of the existing types of lighting equipment, therefore they are capable of designing and installing systems of any size. The equipment is selected depending on the challenges and customer requirements.

Within each of the categories there is a division into subspecies:
According to the method of fasteners - wall, ceiling, floor, suspended, recessed;
According to the lighting system - general, local, combined, exposure;
In the direction of light rays - direct, scattered, reflected light;
Professional installation will help to extend the life of the products and the effectiveness of their application. There will be no unlit places on the territory, unless this is provided in advance by a technical task. In the future, employees of the Scand Engineering Group are ready to carry out work to expand the system, dismantle equipment, and provide other services related to lighting engineering.