Detailed designed cooling systems for premises with sophisticated electrical equipment are the key to the smooth operation of all enterprise processes.
SEG company professionally performs the design, supply of equipment, installation and maintenance of ventilation and cooling systems of complex technical rooms (server, data centers).
The most common form of cooling is forced air cooling - a method sufficient for most objects.

Requirements for cooling systems:
Continuity 24 hours a day;
Strictly maintain the set temperature;
Humidity support;
Have backup capacity.

The cooling of the server rooms should function both in summer and winter.
In winter, you need to provide system options that slow down the fan in the outdoor unit. The presence of a device heating the drainage system. And maintain the temperature of the oil in the compressor.

Types of server cooling.
1. Climatic equipment of a split system.
2. Precision cabinet-type air conditioners.

Most split systems have a temperature fluctuation of 5 degrees, which is extremely unsafe for large data centers, where fractions of degrees are important. Therefore, the design of professional cooling systems is required.

Precision air conditioners are able to maintain parameters up to 1 degree deviation during the entire service life.

SEG is ready to offer a full range of services for the design, supply of equipment and installation of cooling systems for objects of any complexity.
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