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Water supply
Scand Engineering Group is professionally engaged in the design of external and internal water supply systems for buildings for various purposes.

The main attention is paid to the calculation of diameters, costs and the selection of work schemes for a specific object. All design stages are performed on special software.

Design documentation for water supply is developed in accordance with the rules and regulations, urban planning regulations, technical specifications and a land plot plan.
A water supply project is required to be completed if you plan to build a cottage, apartment, industrial facility, etc.

Typically, the design of water supply is ordered for production, workshop, offices, office buildings, sports facilities, factories, factories, etc.

In the project of water supply networks, builders will be able to find in detail the description of technical solutions for installation and commissioning of the system. There are cuts here. plans, schemes, equipment and recommendations. Thanks to such a project, it is possible to optimally mount a working water supply scheme, thereby saving on the time of work.

The development of the project of water supply and sanitation networks is the most important document for builders, as it describes in detail technical solutions for the installation of systems, plans, sections, axonometric diagrams, the necessary equipment is selected, and recommendations for installation work are provided. All this will allow you to mount the optimal working water supply and sanitation system and save the time and finances of the customer.

Scand Engineering Group will carry out professional design of water supply and its further installation at facilities of any complexity.
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