Degree of security - protection parameters from external and internal factors.

What tasks do these systems solve:
1. Ensuring the safety of people, information values, the integrity of the infrastructure of the object;
2. External factors - the penetration of unauthorized persons into the enterprise;
3. Internal factors - water, gas leakage, power outages, violation of user access rights.

Objects have a different level of protection and security. Thus, the set of equipment and cost will change.

Protection and security are shared by:
1. Technical protection - reinforcement of structural elements;
2. Security, fire systems and video surveillance.

Security systems must complement each other and interact tightly.
The collection of information and processing is the central console, where all the data from the points. This is an integrated facility security complex.

The classic complex is:
1. Data Processing Server
2. Workstations for data processing before submitting to the server
3. Peripheral devices - remotes, controllers, sensors
4. Fire detectors, burglar alarms, etc.
5. Local area network for communication systems
6. Software - network and application
7. Uninterrupted power.

SEG offers a comprehensive approach to enterprise security. Our experience allows us to implement a project of any complexity within the framework of available equipment.

Our experts focus on modern systems, thereby ensuring a high level of human security and material values.
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