Scand Engineering Group supports the environmental sustainability concept in order to protect human health, natural resources, and cultural heritage.

Scand Engineering Group aims to develop and foster environmental awareness of all project participants at each project stage: from the planning process to implementation. Scand Engineering Group is committed to minimizing the negative impact of its activities on the environment.

Within the framework of our environmental responsibility, we are committed:
✓ Comply with national environmental legislation as well as with international environmental requirements, laws, and standards

✓ Implement grievance mechanisms in order to collect local community concerns and opinions related to the environmental issues in locations where the company´s projects are

✓ Prevent soil solutions and topsoil loss through the application od integrated environmental management practices

✓ Minimize waste by implementing relevant environmental management practices

✓ Actively promote waste recycling and reuse both internally and amongst our subcontractors and suppliers

✓ Minimize toxic emissions by using environmentally friendly technologies

✓ Prevent pollution of surface water and groundwater by implementing necessary measures
✓ Promote the efficient use of freshwater by means of reducing, reusing and recycling

✓ Improve energy efficiency through preventing unnecessary energy consumption

✓ Communicate our corporate environmental policy to locals and improve environmental awareness among local communities through environmental responsibility projects

✓ Implement, maintain and continuously improve our environmental management system

✓ Develop environmental training programs in order to create a culture of environmental awareness within the company by communicating the corporate environmental management plans to all the employees.

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