We carry out service maintenance of systems of a wide profile: IT equipment, power supply networks, access control systems, video surveillance and others. The company has been operating in the Russian market since 2008. For many years, operates on the international market. Among the satisfied customers are large organizations from Europe, the Baltic States and other countries. We employ only professionals who have practical skills in installation, maintenance, repair, system design.
THAT or maintenance (maintenance) implies the actions that help maintain the equipment at a certain level, to avoid breakdowns. There are special regulations, according to which the work is carried out with a certain frequency. The rules also include a list of ongoing activities.
The service provided by Scand Engineering Group LLC is divided into:
Regulated - scheduled inspection, lubrication, adjustment and other actions, repeated through certain periods. Their purpose is the maintenance of devices in order, increasing the life;
Unregulated - various work carried out after the diagnosis of the fault. Aimed at solving the problem, the restoration of equipment performance.
Signing a service contract is a way to avoid financial losses caused by serious equipment breakdowns. The master will be able to carry out minor scheduled repairs without the need for a long suspension of equipment operation. Our company also provides other related services:
Consulting - we will answer your questions, help with the choice of the system, setting up, upgrading;
Repair and restoration;
IT services related to modern high-tech devices.