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Construction and reconstruction of real estate is a difficult and time-consuming task, requiring large material and resource costs. High-quality equipment allows you to significantly optimize the costs of enterprises whose activities are associated with these types of activities. SEG provides equipment supply services in the following areas:
Low-voltage systems and networks (supply of fire alarm systems, broadcasting systems, clock-making systems, as well as automation systems for fire protection);
Electrical systems and networks (switchboard equipment, instrumentation and automation, power cable lines, automation of transformer subsystem control systems, cable systems and lines, which is an incomplete list of the equipment supplied);
Information systems and networks (lighting systems, telephone networks, PBXs, cable networks and systems, server and cloud storages, IT infrastructure, switching nodes and other equipment);
Installation of equipment (we supply equipment for confectionery, low-voltage equipment, equipment 6-10 kV, hardware and construction fasteners).
Despite the increasing popularity of online stores and trading houses, where you can buy equipment for small-scale projects, companies specializing in large and complex projects have for many years trusted SEG to supply equipment.
Order picking is based on the project, taking into account the features and complexity of the property. There is no need to search for equipment from many different suppliers, because customers can count on us. Just send us the necessary documentation. The equipment delivery service will be provided to the client as soon as possible.
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