Ventilation and air conditioning
In the modern world, ventilation and air conditioning are an essential element of comfort for people's lives and work in the workplace.
These benefits - not only affect human health, but also on labor productivity.

It is customary to distinguish the following types:
Industrial ventilation;
Ventilation of shopping and office centers;
Household ventilation.
Industrial ventilation.

These ventilation systems are used at production facilities, plants and factories, production lines, etc.
The basic requirements for such systems are:
Reliability and maintainability.

Power reserve in case of an increase in labor shifts, etc.
Universality. Partial shutdown of nodes for service without harming the overall performance scheme.

SEG company professionally performs the design, supply of equipment, installation and maintenance of industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Ventilation is divided by purpose:
Fire department;
Heating and cooling;

Installation of ventilation systems in production begins with design. Are taken into account the area of the premises, the type of work performed in these areas and much more.
Industrial ventilation also provides air purification from gases, polluted air.
Ventilation is actively installed in rooms with high-temperature equipment - server rooms.

Office ventilation.
In summer, office and shopping malls can also do without ventilation and air conditioning.
Air conditioning units are usually located on the roof of buildings. This is convenient for servicing the system.
It is worth noting that ventilation and air conditioning are fundamentally different things. Air conditioning is the cooling of oxygen, and ventilation provides an influx of fresh air.
For small office rooms and halls, natural ventilation is sufficient.

Domestic installation
One of the disadvantages is the high power consumption. In private homes, it is advisable to install a multi-split system. This will help significantly save on the check.
If you want to install supply and exhaust ventilation, you will also need to design at the construction stage of the house. This will help avoid additional costs in the future and avoid mistakes.

SEG is ready to offer a full range of design, supply and installation services for objects of any complexity.
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