Wiring Products
Wiring accessories include calls, sockets, plugs, sockets, circuit breakers, switches, various regulators and other equipment used everywhere. Scand Engineering Group LLC installs this equipment at any type of facility. Among our clients are large European companies that are satisfied with the quality of installation.
We work in the international market, applying time-tested solutions. Each employee must pass a practical test - we are confident in the correct implementation of each stage of work. We provide quality assurance.
Our advantages:
We have worked out algorithms of actions - we work quickly and without failures;
We mount all types of electrical installation technology;
We are engaged in design, demolition work, system maintenance;
We have the necessary licenses for the production of such works;
Individually select the device depending on the operating conditions;
We work carefully, organically fitting the device into the interior of the room;
We provide written guarantees.
The specialist is ready to provide the necessary advice, to help with the choice of equipment, to offer the best installation sites. Properly selected and fixed devices are able to work without failures for many years, meeting the needs of our customer. Immediately we take into account the intensity of use, the physical conditions, the type of mechanisms with which the products will be combined.
Device classification
The choice of category is determined by the conditions of use. In some cases, the type does not matter. Preliminary consultation of our specialist will help to avoid unnecessary financial expenses. Quickly draw up a system project and implement it in practice, doing all the work "turnkey".
Wiring equipment is divided into 2 categories: hidden and open mounting. In the first case, the housing is "sunk" inside a wall or other surface. They are applied where it is necessary by safety rules, serious physical impacts or features of the interior. Open mount devices can be found on objects of any type. The mechanism differs noticeably protruding housing and plate on the reverse side for attachment to the surface.
Also stand out products placed in a dust and moisture protected housing. The increased degree of protection guarantees work on the street or where there is a high probability of contact with liquids, small particles of solids. Scand Engineering Group specialists focus on large industrial and commercial companies with high requirements for quality and placement efficiency.