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Hardware and construction hardware
When performing repair and construction works, tools are needed for fastening these or other elements. Hardware (metal products) - a wide range of items used in the repair and construction. Their purpose differs depending on the type of fasteners - fixing drywall, installing an anchor that carries high loads, etc. The company Scand Engineering Group LLC offers services of high-quality installation of products on any kinds of objects. In our practice - years of cooperation with foreign companies, who were satisfied with the quality of the work performed. European quality at attractive prices is what our customers need.
A team of professionals performs work exactly on time. We adhere to the conditions specified in the contract and provide official guarantees for each stage of the project. In addition to simple work on the installation of fasteners, we provide services for the installation of electrical products, design, maintenance of systems of varying complexity. We are ready to carry out a turnkey project of any complexity. Positive feedback from organizations working internationally is the best recommendation.
Types of fasteners
Hardware and construction fasteners are divided into several generally accepted classification systems. They contain the entire range of forms, parameters and purpose:
Self-tapping screws;
Other names.
Each category is divided into subspecies, sometimes significantly different from each other. Their correct use allows you to save the surface to which the attachment occurs, to ensure long-term resistance to loads.
In addition, depending on the thread, fasteners are divided into metric or non-metric. There is a classification based on other parameters. Proceeding from it, building elements are:
threaded, high strength;
fasteners for mass use;
fasteners for shockless, one-way fastening;
elements for hermetic constructions;
the clamps necessary for fastening polymer composite materials.
Large-scale projects require careful compliance with the rules of installation of structures. Their reliability is determined by the weakest element. A team of professionals will ensure the greatest possible effect, applying in practice the entire long-term experience of the Scand Engineering Group.