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Security systems and SCS
Protection of property of a commercial, industrial enterprise is a mandatory item of expenditure. Installation of modern equipment for security systems (video cameras, access control systems, alarms) will prevent unwanted losses, help control employees, resolve disputes. Our company is engaged in the design, installation and maintenance of security systems and SCS - structured cabling systems.
SCS, which Scand Engineering Group LLC employees are able to quickly and without loss of quality is a universal system. Its key elements do not change after installation. Advantages of cable network:
It is possible to connect any third-party equipment, including video cameras;
Simplified process of modernization. It is not required to change the entire network, which reduces financial costs;
SCS easily scales, complemented by new elements;
Diagnosing and repairing a system with a clear structure does not take much time.
The high requirements for the qualifications of specialists who install SCS and security systems are caused by the complexity of the installed equipment. It is required to take into account the specifics of the object, the tasks set, the possible influence on the equipment of external conditions. Scand Engineering Group engineers have many years of practical experience, they work on well-established algorithms designed for any object: an industrial enterprise, a shopping center, a large warehouse, etc.
Professional installation of security systems and SCS provides the following benefits:
We carry out design, installation, testing and configuration, subsequent maintenance;
We solve problems of any complexity. Ready to provide examples of previously completed projects;
We work with clients from different countries, adhering to European quality;
We carry out a training program for employees, regularly increasing their level of skills;
Personally approach the client, identifying his needs. We do not use standard schemes - we will definitely adapt them for a specific project;
We provide guarantees - we are fully confident in the qualifications of our employees.
System structure
In its constructive form, the structured cabling system consists of horizontal wiring and the corresponding connecting equipment. After a single installation, if necessary, add-ons, expansion of the SCS connection does not affect the main cable routes. Directly to them is the fastening of the wiring leading to the peripheral devices. Any equipment with energy consumption for which the system is designed can act as them. His number includes security systems.
SCS is universal, since it can be simultaneously used for organizing telephone, computer networks, alarm systems, street and internal video surveillance. The engineer at the stage of project creation takes into account the need for installing a particular technique and its location. In subsequent years, the cost of its maintenance is minimal.