Pastry Equipment Projects
We are engaged in the installation of low-voltage equipment. This category includes devices designed to operate at a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts. In the modern world, it is common in various fields of activity. With regard to industry, commercial enterprises, this type of device must provide special reliability, resistance to high loads and durability. High demands are placed on the quality of the installation.
The Scand Engineering Group employs only specialists who have been able to confirm qualifications with work experience of more than 3 years. We regularly conduct staff development courses, as well as theoretical and practical skills. Acquaintance with the latest developments and achievements in the world. This allows us to take on a project of any complexity and bring it to completion in accordance with the terms of reference.
Together with the installation of low-voltage equipment we offer a number of additional services:
System design - takes into account the specifics of your object, the existing requirements;
Supply of equipment and special equipment for the project in a timely manner;
Testing, commissioning and commissioning of the system;
Service maintenance of the mounted equipment.
Each stage of the work performed is carefully documented. For several years we have been working with large companies from Europe, the Baltic States, and Russia. We adhere to the highest standards, responsibly approaching the business.
Equipment list
Low-voltage equipment includes models designed to work with a low-voltage network. Among them:
Circuit Breakers - Prevent overloads and short circuit damage. Allow to carry out the operational management of individual segments of electrical circuits;
Differential current protection devices - help avoid damage when in contact with live parts (for example, in the absence of insulation);
Various switching devices - provide control of power transmission, protecting the user from direct contact with the appliance. Used to prevent short circuits, fires, voltage changes in the network. These are sockets, switches, circuit breakers;
Stabilizers and voltage converters - voltage characteristics change, allowing you to connect devices designed for other current parameters to the network;
Electric meters that control electricity consumption.
Proper preparation of TZ and installation of elements of low-voltage equipment will allow you to solve problems for safe and durable operation of electrical equipment and networks.