Cable and conductor prod.
We offer a significant selection of new generation cable and wire products for the intended purpose:
Power (for transmission, distribution of electricity);
Control (to control the parameters of electrical installations and power circuits);
Control cables (for remote control of electrical installations);
Communication cables (for communication and information transmission);
Radio frequency and optical (for transmitting high frequency signals between antennas and radio engineering and electronic devices);
Mounting (for connections inside electrical installations).
We sell only high-quality materials that can become effective elements of electrical systems of various formats. Scand Engineering Group operates on the international market, supplying products to commercial and industrial companies from the Baltic countries, Russia, and Northern and Central Europe. Every year we expand the range offered, while maintaining high quality for our customers at affordable prices.
We carry out installation of any complexity. Properly selected equipment of existing technical and communication systems is one of the key tasks, which is still at the initial stage. From the qualifications of the engineer involved in the design and installation, will depend on the efficiency and durability of the entire system.

The correct application of one or another type of electrical wiring in places with different loads will ensure optimal functioning of the entire system, a high level of fire safety in the territory. The lifetime of the cable itself and the associated equipment can vary depending on how well the installation and preparatory activities are performed. The right choice of cable is also important - today there is a large selection of products on the market that differ in terms of use.

Our staff thoroughly studied the features of all equipment and equipment with which to work. We are ready to guarantee the quality of work performed and always achieve the result agreed upon at the planning stage.

Choice of cable products
Each specific task requires its own approach. A system designed by a pattern is by definition not optimal. We will help you to choose the right elements, draw up a technical task, we will carry out the supply and installation of cable products. Knowing the features of existing types of objects, we consider the following factors when choosing:
electrotechnical characteristics of materials
Expected operating conditions - the presence of temperature changes, the level of humidity and acidity
types of wiring to which the cable is supposed to be connected;
By clearly defining the purpose of installing cable lines and conditions of use, the best options are chosen. Carefully study the object on site, we get acquainted with the documentation provided, we carry out installation, taking into account the features of the object. Employees take into account all situations that may arise in the future, leaving sufficient reserve in case of overloads or additions to the system.