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Engineering plumbing
Scand Engineering Group LLC provides professional engineering plumbing installation services. This category includes equipment used in the installation of communication systems, ventilation, sewage, heating, plumbing. These are various elements, on the quality of which depends on the continuous operation of the entire system.
We work in Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, focusing on high modern standards. Each specialist has practical experience of more than 1 year and regularly undergo additional training. We are ready to take on a project of any complexity and complete it in a short time. The cost of the requested services will pleasantly surprise you!
In addition to installation work we carry out the design of the entire water supply system, sewage system or others. We focus primarily on large objects that require a particularly careful approach. Once completed, the work allows us to forget about the problems with plumbing for years, so customers choose us as recognized leaders in their field.
Features of the installation of engineering plumbing from the Scand Engineering Group:
We have experience with complex systems of industrial enterprises, we know their specificity;
We carry out installation according to well-tried algorithms, which allow to save time and avoid mistakes;
In addition to installation, we offer the service of designing the entire network. The wizard still at this stage takes into account all the nuances that may occur during the installation;
In our staff there are only professionals with practical experience. Periodically we carry out an employee qualification check;
We work officially, strictly under the contract. Clearly adhere to the instructions prescribed in the technical specifications;
We provide guarantees.
A properly designed system, high-quality equipment and professional installation are the key to uninterrupted operation, even under high loads. Our company individually approaches each client, taking into account the specific features of each case.
Types of plumbing
The concept of engineering plumbing includes:
Automation system in water supply;
Safety blocks;
Control valves;
Broad tanks;
Heating pumps;
Distribution armature;
Other elements.
Each type is divided into subcategories, differing in technical parameters. For optimal functioning requires a good understanding of the features of each element, their compatibility with each other. We are ready to advise you on issues related to this plumbing, to install it or upgrade.
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