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Information systems and networks
Electronics today is used everywhere: in offices, shopping centers, industrial enterprises, private homes. The Scand Engineering Group (SEG) is engaged in the creation of full-fledged information systems and turnkey networks. A qualified specialist will help you choose the equipment and its installation points, install the system elements, test and launch it. In the future, it is we who will be engaged in maintenance, prolonging the life of the product.

Our advantages:
European quality. We focus on the high requirements of developed countries, where we have been working for many years;
An experienced team of specialists undergoing periodic training, checking for compliance with the position;
We use only modern equipment;
We work completely officially, strictly adhering to the contract;
We carry out all types of work related to information systems and networks;
We have reviews from large domestic and foreign companies with whom we had to work;
We carry out installation carefully - we provide documentation for each completed stage of the project;
We differ in an attractive ratio price / quality.
For years, the company has been working with large industrial and commercial enterprises that select the best service providers. High operational loads and an extensive system require special professionalism in the design and installation of the system. Ready to take on a project of any complexity, successfully bringing it to the end.

Our projects
The regular appearance of innovations in the electronics market requires the continuous improvement of the skills of installers and engineers who compose the project plan. Many years of being among the leaders in their field is the best proof of meeting customer requirements. Completed projects include:
Organization of data centers;
Creation of cloud data storage for large companies;
Work with server;
Laying telephone, cable networks for data transmission;
Installation, setup of automatic telephone exchange;
Lighting systems of various sizes and types (outdoor, indoor, combined).
Having experience in implementing projects of information systems of various scales and solving complex problems helps to find an individual approach by rejecting standardized, universal schemes. We analyze the features of each object, customer requirements, determine in advance possible difficulties and ways to eliminate them. We work only professionals in their field. By entrusting any task to our employees, you can safely expect a result - it will be as efficient as possible and relevant to the task.
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