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Data centers
Scand Engineering Group LLC provides the service of creating data centers from scratch. It includes design, equipment delivery, installation, configuration, testing, subsequent maintenance. We provide guarantees for all work performed. Our self-reliance is based on the experience of cooperation with large domestic and foreign companies. Clients include commercial, industrial enterprises from Russia, Northern, Central Europe, the Baltic countries.

The staff of the company includes only professionals who have confirmed their qualifications. We have our own department, focused on the professional organization of the data storage and processing centers. Even at the planning stage, we argue for each decision taken, fully coordinating the developed project with the customer. Our engineers exactly comply with the terms of reference, performing work with high quality and on time.

We are ready to provide any additional information, advise on the design, maintenance, installation of equipment for the data center.
general information
A data center (data center), it is also a data storage and processing center, in general form is a building with specialized equipment located in it and high-speed internet connection. There are centers of different sizes - up to container ones that fit in a car for the transport of goods. Your company can use the technique to analyze its own data, as well as providing services to companies that do not have the necessary computing power.

The complex, assembled by our team, is primarily focused on solving business problems, storing large amounts of information. Third-party firms, using the services of the center, save on the purchase of their own equipment. If you need powerful computing equipment or your company will provide information services to other organizations, we are ready to provide all necessary assistance. The service, made in compliance with European quality standards, is available now!

Data center services
The list of opportunities that you can get thanks to the Scand Engineering Group:
Virtual hosting for hosting sites with a regular subscription fee;
Virtual server - storage of user data. It is possible to set up a place allocated for one client, the appointment of different rates;
Dedicated server - your client can be provided with the entire server for some large-scale work. The configuration of the equipment is determined individually;
Maintenance of the physical server of the client company in the territory of the data center. The client is exempt from the need to bear the costs of their own specialist.
We do not use template schemes, so we will organize the work according to your wishes. As a result, you get a complex that corresponds to expectations with an optimal ratio of price and installation time.