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Switching nodes
A switching node is a device whose purpose is to process, receive, transfer data. A node is a collection of elements. The structure is determined by current tasks. Design and installation of systems should be done by professionals who are oriented in modern technology. Scand Engineering Group (SEG) operates internationally. The team of specialists has practical experience of cooperation with organizations of various orientations from Europe and other regions. With us you will receive high-quality service, an individual approach, a guaranteed result.

Node classification
There are several types of CU, characterized by certain characteristics:
The type of received and sent information - telephone, data transmission, remote control, other;
Control method - manual, automatic, combined;
The type of control equipment - electromechanical, electronic and others;
The maximum number of incoming and outgoing signals;
And others.

Depending on the available tasks, the equipment of the appropriate configuration is selected. In the 21st century, the uninterrupted operation of communication networks is important for the successful development and operation of industrial and commercial organizations. We have many years of experience in this field, we are ready to undertake a project of any complexity.
The advantages of the company
We are among the leaders in our industry, not the first year receiving positive feedback from clients - organizations of various profiles. Turning to us, you will see:
Individual approach. We do not use template schemes, developing individual projects for specific situations;
High quality of work performance - we are guided by European quality standards;
Modern, proven equipment;
A system that exactly meets the requirements of the technical specifications;
Full range of services - from design to maintenance of devices;
High speed work while maintaining the declared effectiveness;
Consultations of recognized experts;
Guarantees for all work performed.
If you need true professionals in your field, we are ready to provide you with them.