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Telephone networks
We provide a service for the design and installation of telephone networks at various sites: in office buildings, industrial enterprises, public institutions, etc. The company has a department focused on working with telephony. Our employees are professionals who have confirmed their qualifications. Each of them has experience of working with large networks that require special care and accuracy.

In addition to the usual telephone lines, we are engaged in IP-telephony, installation of networks based on mini-PBX. Apply proven solutions to serve your business, the organization of communication between departments of the company, other subscribers.
Scand Engineering Group (SEG) clients include companies from Europe, the Baltics, and Russia. Over the years, we have received hundreds of feedback from customers working internationally. We are ready to successfully complete a project of any complexity by creating a telephone network from scratch or by improving the existing one.

Our features:
We focus on high European standards, which is inevitable when working on the international market;
The staff includes only employees with experience that have been tested for professional fitness;
We use modern equipment. We are confident in its reliability;
We work accurately in accordance with the technical assignment (TZ), without departing from the deadlines;

We provide guarantees for all work performed.
We do not use standard solutions - we always focus on the requirements of the customer, the specifics of a particular object. You can be sure that we will find the best option for you.

Company Services
Communication is one of the most important things of our time. We install telephone networks in any facilities, ensuring long-term uninterrupted operation. Depending on the conditions of use, the equipment and services specified in the TOR are selected:
Laying the cable in an open way is the least expensive option, not involving significant loads;
The use of corrugations - will provide increased cable protection, will be an additional means of isolation;
Laying in the cable channel - hides the cable from the outside view, serving as additional protection. Allows us to gently hold it on vertical and horizontal surfaces;
Hidden installation - necessary in cases where the laid highway may be damaged (in production) or damage the interior of the premises.

The list of operations also includes the connection of telephone sockets to one or several devices, the connection of a wire to an input line in an electric switchboard, and the adjustment of a telephone exchange.