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Installation of industrial equipment
We provide installation services for industrial equipment, providing high quality when performing work of any level of complexity. Our specialists are professionals with many years of practical experience. Each of them is regularly tested for professional fitness and improves their skills. Through the use of modern technology, we are able to quickly perform the installation, while maintaining the declared characteristics. In addition to the installation work we carry out the dismantling of structures, testing, design and maintenance.
You can organize new production from scratch or improve existing systems. Our customers have already become companies operating in various industries. Some of them are known in the international market, which makes their positive feedback especially valuable. Contact us and get a preliminary consultation of those who know a lot about their business!

Scand Engineering Group LLC has the following features:
The developed algorithms of installation of industrial equipment;
Spent multistage quality control;
High professionalism of the staff - each of them received an appropriate education, has experience in their own field for more than 1 year;
We carry out accurate preliminary calculations and act in accordance with the plan;
We work in several European countries, adhering to the high requirements for operations performed;
We use modern equipment that accelerates the installation process;
We have experience in organizing various systems at large sites;
We provide a guarantee and all necessary documentation.

After installation, all structures are carefully checked for resistance to stresses. Perform such types of work as:
Preparation for installation (marking, surface treatment);
Fastening various mechanisms to the foundation;
Mechanical installation, dismantling of equipment;
Laying, connecting cables;
Installation of hydraulic and similar systems;
Inclusion of the installed equipment into the existing network;
Fault detection;

Supply of necessary materials for subsequent installation.
In a short time and at reasonable prices we will assemble a system of any size for use in various industries. If the conditions of operation and maintenance are observed, it can serve you impeccably for years.

Clients of the company are satisfied with the work performed and, as a rule, become our regular customers. We are ready to conclude a service contract for a long term, to offer your organization services in related areas (supply of equipment, tuning, design, etc.).