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IT infrastructure
The object's IT infrastructure is a set of systems that include software, equipment for storing information, management, communication, control over the object, network services. The organization of a competent infrastructure is necessary to ensure the effective interaction of systems, departments or branches of the organization, quick solutions to everyday tasks.

Scand Engineering Group (SEG) provides the organization of a modern IT infrastructure on a turnkey basis. We offer design services, installation, configuration, upgrades of existing systems. Our services are integrated solutions in the following areas:
Communication between employees of departments, branches, offices. Includes the possibility of video conferencing, e-mail, voice communication, remote access to various information, equipment (management of corporate technology);
Employees' workplaces - tuning and effective management of software and hardware of the systems used by members of the organization (PC with the appropriate software);
The organization of complexes designed for the analysis of corporate data, cloud computing;
Information security - data protection, prevention of accidental or intentional "leakage" of information;
Continuous functioning of infrastructure segments.

As a result of the development of any company, an increase in the number of employees and departments, there is a need to streamline processes, effective communication, and protect corporate information. This requires IT infrastructure.

Professional organization of IT structure
Proper design and performed according to the technical task (TZ) installation will allow:
Reduce the total planned costs of the enterprise;
Reduce the time and financial costs of improving the IT structure;
Simplify the management of systems at the facility;
To achieve high reliability of the company's infrastructure;
Minimize the risk of damage to certain high-tech segments of the system;
Reduce downtime by making employee work more efficient.
In order for the company to continue developing in the conditions of the 21st century, a professional approach to the organization of the IT structure must be ensured. We are ready to take on the work at your facility and achieve positive results.

A positive experience of cooperation with many European customers who value reliability and efficiency is a reason to contact us now. We will provide a preliminary consultation and responsibly perform any tasks.