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Broadcasting systems
It is impossible to create a full fire protection of an object without combining the available automation components into a single complex. There are algorithms for controlling ventilation, smoke removal, elevators, warning mechanisms, fire extinguishing. They do not allow the false alarm to be triggered, they help to carry out quick and safe evacuation, and start fighting the fire without waiting for the arrival of the special services.
For this complex mechanism to work without failures, careful planning, a clear understanding of its task and the purpose of each element are necessary. Our employees have many years of practical experience working with fire protection and warning systems. We provide services for the design, installation, configuration and subsequent maintenance. Among our clients are large companies in whose territory there are thousands of people every day. The main task is the security of each of them - and we successfully cope with it.
System composition
The complex for automatic detection of fire, warning and fire suppression includes:
Management and control modules;
Sensors that detect smoke, open fire, high content of certain gases, temperature increase;
Fire detectors;
Power sources;
Fire extinguishing mechanisms.
As soon as one of the sensors transmits the corresponding signal, the control module sends the "Fire" command to the warning, smoke removal, and fire extinguishing devices. For large complexes, it is characteristic to divide into separate zones with their own modules. The receiving and control equipment shows which sensors specifically detected changes exceeding the allowable values. To avoid false alarms, information from other devices located in this sector is analyzed. Depending on the specifics of the object, the total number, type of sensors, and their saturation of one or another room differ.
Actions in case of fire:
Without human intervention, the following actions are performed by the command of the control module:
Those present, as well as the duty officer are notified of what happened;
Extracts, ventilation, air conditioning are turned off - the intensity of burning decreases;
Smoke removal devices are started with the opening of special valves;
Blocked sources of penetration to the floor of the air from the elevator shaft, stairwells;
Active fire extinguishing systems are launched - foam, aerosol, water and others.
Properly configured protection ensures quick evacuation of people from a building. Signs to the exit point are highlighted, doors, turnstiles, and gates are unlocked. There are algorithms for action in case of fire in a particular area. They are calculated by our experts in advance - even at the stage of selection of equipment and points of its installation. Tests have shown high efficiency of the company's specialists, compliance with all the requirements for safety in the XXI century.
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