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Time systems
Clock systems are necessary in order to get a network of devices synchronized with each other. It is used everywhere where knowledge of exact time is required, simultaneous switching on of a certain technique, parallel performance of other actions performed by the clock. The organization of the structure requires the installation of certain precise equipment provided by the Scand Engineering Group (SEG).

Application area:
Office buildings;
Industrial enterprises;
Transport sphere - stations, metro, airport;
State institution.

Knowing the exact time helps to plan the working day, to choose the optimal load, to evenly distribute the flow of customers or other persons, and so on. Convenience of the system delivered by us in the possibility of its synchronization with the global value. Actual for international airports, as well as companies with headquarters in other countries.
The design of the watches used is practically unlimited. We install a typical electronic scoreboard, a clock with hands, original solutions corresponding to the nature of the place of installation. In the planning process, the required number of elements, their locations, the need for additional settings are determined.

Key elements of a single time system:
Master clock or clock station, on which other object chronometers are oriented. Designed to adjust the secondary clock, including automatic. It consists of a synchronization unit, a processor, signal amplifiers, an indication mechanism, a power source. Adjustment is made by the signals of the exact time;
Secondary clocks - an unlimited number of elements located at key points of the object. They can be both internal and external;
Radio reception equipment needed to adjust the time according to the signals from the satellite;
Antenna devices - make adjustments, taking the signal of the exact time on the radio wave;
Switching technology - together with amplifiers provides the inclusion of a timer of various devices. The time or frequency of the launch is determined by the program settings;
Additional equipment, determined by the specifics of the object.

Customization and installation services
We carry out installation and adjustment both in individual structures and in complexes of unlimited size.
We provide high accuracy of the main (reference) hours:
Due to the minimum failures during autonomous operation (fraction of a second per day, which in most cases does not matter;
Using internet sync;
Through the analysis of radio signals, data from satellites.