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Automation and dispatching systems
The service provided is the organization of an integrated software and hardware system designed for centralized control and automatic control of engineering systems. The presence of a single control center allows to reduce the cost of operating the facility (building, complex of buildings). Using the automation and dispatching system allows you to achieve benefits that are noticeable after the start of the equipment start. Centralized control of all engineering communications saves resources throughout the life of the equipment.
Contact us and get the following benefits:
The level of comfort of everyone in the complex will increase;
The cost of operating facilities will decrease;
Reduced risk of malfunctions;
Efficiently use gas, water, electricity. Get rid of the losses inevitable in the absence of a single control;
The probability of emergency situations and abnormal conditions will decrease. Automatics respond much faster than a person to what has happened according to the existing algorithm.
In the traditional sense of engineering equipment facilities - a number of systems operating autonomously. Lack of well-established interaction or the use of template solutions leads to a loss of resources, increased wear, and emergency situations. By automating work, the owner receives a constant benefit, reducing daily costs.
Unique features of the system:
We offer modern world-class equipment that can combine, track the functioning of any of its elements. Techniques from the Scand Engineering Group (SEG) are able to control:
Ventilation systems, air conditioning;
Heat points, boilers, heating systems;
Building elevators;
Pumping stations;
Power supply of any part of the object;
Internal, external lighting;
Refrigeration centers;
Fire alarm;
Water intake facilities.
It is possible to connect a variety of sensors - humidity, carbon dioxide level, temperature, energy metering.
System organization:
We do not use standard solutions, we study each object separately, to understand the processes occurring in it. Based on specific information, a system is formed that is focused on their optimization. Individual approach allows you to provide guarantees for the long term, helping to effectively manage the building technology.
The compilation of the equipment operation algorithm itself goes in 2 stages: 1) the study of loads, resource costs in various conditions. 2) Processing, verification of the obtained data, creation of an optimal algorithm for engineering, control modules.