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CCTV systems
Video surveillance is one of the most common and effective ways to control what is happening. By installing cameras, the system owner will be able to observe around the clock with a minimum staff of security guards. Scand Engineering Group LLC provides equipment for television surveillance, as well as services for its installation, configuration and maintenance.
What do you get by installing the camera in your office, store, mall, warehouse, other object:
Control over all movements of material values. You can track who and when committed illegal acts;
Monitoring the behavior of employees, the quality of customer service. Helps to resolve conflict situations, highlight persons who neglect duties;
Reduced need for a large number of guards. It is permissible to reduce their staff;
More free time. It is not required to be in the territory all the time - a record of what is happening, remote monitoring via the Internet is always available.
Security television system:
Cameras with different characteristics (degree of protection, type of matrix, resolution, etc.);
Video recorders, servers for data storage;
Cable network that transmits information, powering electronics;
Power sources.
Additionally, the equipment is equipped with brackets, removable lenses, infrared spotlights, microphones. The cables are hidden by the casing. If it is necessary to hold it on the street, laying underground, then more durable means of protection can be used.
Designing a security television system is the first stage of work, which is indispensable. Wherever it is required to place more than 1-2 cameras, it is necessary to carefully study the object and customer's needs. Our specialist assesses the specifics of the work, the available protective equipment (signaling, ACS) - it is possible to bring it all together as a whole by organizing reliable protection of the territory.
An employee of the company - a professional with many years of practical experience - draws attention to the following details:
The area to be covered by TV cameras, the presence of attachment points, objects that obstruct the view (wall, tree, signboard);
Requirements for quality of shooting of specific zones - a general overview is suitable or a detailed picture of what is happening is required;
Operating conditions - street, room, average temperatures, the presence of noise, noise, dust;
Previously installed cameras or other equipment, which will be supplemented by new models.
Having received the necessary information, we draw up a project that includes a list of equipment, a scheme with mounting points, the total cost.
After all the approvals and refinement of the project, the installation of security television systems begins. Masters will lay cables, fix cameras and microphones, test all video equipment and individual elements. The quality of work must be demonstrated to the customer. An explanation of the order and rules of control of the video system.
If you need to configure remote access via the Internet, we are able to do it. The owner of the company, the head of security and other proxies will be able to view videos from a home PC or mobile phone. Also, in the event of an emergency, they will receive an automatic notification of what happened (to be negotiated at the design stage).
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