Fire alarm systems
Fire alarm - one of the main elements to ensure the safety of any building. The purpose of the PS is to detect the fact of fire, timely notification of those present at the facility. The alarm signal allows to evacuate workers and clients / visitors in a timely manner, avoiding health risks. Also, a signal is sent to the attendant's desk; the special services are called. The effectiveness of the system depends on how well protected the property of the owner of the object and the lives of all who are on it.
PS is a few key components that you can purchase directly from us:
The control panel - analyzes the readings of fire sensors, connecting loops, issues commands to the actuators;
Executive devices - elements of fire extinguishing, sound warning;
Display panels (monitors) - display the status of the system, allow you to determine the area from which the alarm is given;
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - feeds the system with electricity, allowing it to work autonomously, regardless of the building's electrical network;
Fire sensors - determine the fire (fire), as well as the high content of a number of gases, the presence of smoke in the air. It is possible to install thermoelements that catch a sharp increase in temperature;
Means of notification, which include loudspeakers, sirens, broadcast devices. They give a well-defined alarm;
Manual detectors, activated by persons who have discovered a fire. Placed in accessible places, protected from accidental inclusion.
Our experts have significant real experience in the design, installation, maintenance of fire alarm systems. Advanced training courses and regular practical training help to organize the system in accordance with European standards. Each sensor is installed at the point where it will be most relevant. Repeated testing will allow you to verify the performance of the PS, there is no risk of false positives.
By ordering the installation of an automatic fire alarm system at the Scand Engineering Group, you will get trouble-free equipment that can not only recognize the fire, but also begin to extinguish it. Smoke removal, prevention of air access, will reduce the speed of propagation of an open flame.
The range of services provided includes maintenance, extending the life of the equipment beyond the warranty. The master regularly visits the facility, checking the quality of the functioning of the elements of the PS or the MTA. If necessary, they are repaired or replaced with new ones without shutting down the entire system.