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Low-voltage systems and networks
Nowadays, a variety of electronic communications - an integral part of life. They provide comfort and safety, both in a private house, and at the enterprise, in an office building, a shopping center. The listed facilities include low-current systems and networks. These are the wire systems having the equipment being under tension. These include:
• Security equipment - a set of sensors that react to noises, vibrations, changes in volume, temperature, and other stimuli. Work around the clock or at certain hours. Usually they have a common control panel, connected warning system elements (sirens);
• Fire alarm - helps to warn of a fire or smoke, determine the place of fire, turn on the alarm, notify the person on duty about the incident, start the fire suppression;
• Video surveillance - cameras, microphones that help monitor the situation on the territory. Keep a record of what is happening. In some cases, able to notify the operator / owner of the object of penetration;
• Dispatching systems - used to monitor the situation, control elements of objects occupying a large area;
• Access Control Systems (ACS) - prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the protected area, fix the time of arrival / departure of employees, allow you to set and cancel access levels.
This is only a number of elements of reliable protection of any large commercial or industrial facility.
The Scand Engineering Group company provides services for the supply and installation of low-voltage systems, which compares favorably with its counterparts on the market. Our advantages: quality and speed of work performed, the provision of guarantees.
The main stages of installation
• Familiarization with the requirements and wishes of the customer, the design of the system in accordance with existing standards. Individual approach includes special attention to the type of object;
• The equipment is selected according to the terms of reference;
• At a predetermined time, the system (s) are directly installed;
• Equipment operation is being tested. Even at the design stage, its compatibility is taken into account;
• Start the system.
All work carried out must be reflected in the relevant documentation. In the future, we carry out maintenance of the installed equipment, extending the service life beyond the warranty. It is possible to train personnel in the rules of working with the system (watching videos from cameras, turning on the alarm, etc.).
First of all, we set the goal of the smooth functioning of the system in any conditions. Always match the stated parameters. We are ready to confirm this in practice at any time.