To put the object (system) in operation, a check is made for the compliance of the equipment and installation with the existing standards and the requirements of the approved technical task. If there are no discrepancies, they are directly launched under the supervision of specialists. Our company provides the corresponding service. A team of qualified technicians performing surveillance of the equipment helps to resolve several issues:
In time to identify the shortcomings of installation or design, make the necessary changes;
Gives a guarantee, confirming compliance of works to all standards. We are confident in our professionalism and are ready to bear responsibility for the decisions made;
He has extensive experience working with large projects, so we take into account all the possible nuances. Thorough, multi-step verification will do without unforeseen financial or time costs.
We also can order the installation of the entire system "turnkey" - from design to launch, maintenance. Long-term operation of equipment without failures is our goal, which we always achieve.
Stages of system commissioning:
Cold start - estimated the performance of individual nodes, the quality of their connection with each other. The equipment turns on without rendering heavy loads on it - usually they do not even reach average values. The main task of a specialist is to make sure that there are no errors during installation, defects in equipment. The parameters shown by the technique are compared with those available in the product passport, technical specification;
Pre-commissioning - the equipment is tested in various modes, including the corresponding increased loads. The specialist determines the slightest discrepancy with the norm and their cause. All identified faults are reflected in the report;
The final launch of the equipment, after which, if necessary, the engineer for some time monitors the work, collecting statistics. Depending on the object and type of system, the number of steps and the time of the check may vary.
We strive to provide customers with a truly reliable technology that the entire period of operation will not cause complaints. Commissioning is carried out only by professionals and is well documented. In the future, the project customer is provided with all reports.