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Turnkey installation work
Scand Engineering Group LLC has a full range of turnkey installation work. We carry out comprehensive work on the territory of industrial complexes, commercial facilities. Ready to take on a project of any complexity. Our team is experienced professionals with many years of experience in their field. We cooperate with large companies from Europe, the Baltic States, Russia. Work on the international market allows the first to embody the latest world achievements in a particular area. We will ensure a truly European quality of turnkey installation and provide guarantees.
Advantages of ordering a complex project:
Such events will cost less than if you contact several firms at once;
We take responsibility for all the operations performed right away - starting with the preparation of the facility and ending with the commissioning.
Key types of work:
Installation of video surveillance systems;
Installation of lighting;
Laying of cable routes, cable channels, trays. Immediately planned the possibility of further expansion of the power system;
Wiring low-voltage system;
Telephone line laying;
Shtabenie walls;
Installation, tincture counters, various sensors;
Installation of machines, shields;
Installation of alarm, intercoms;
Work with other electrical equipment or engineering systems.
At the new facility, as well as where it is planned to upgrade the already installed equipment, a preliminary work plan is drawn up. It includes:
Mounting points of equipment;
The list of installed equipment;
Ways of laying cable.
Based on it, and determined the price of the project and the estimated time of completion. Works begin only after the approval of the project by the customer. Our experts are ready to provide all the necessary advice, to argue each point of the project
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