Commissioning works
Commissioning should be performed by specialists with higher technical education and practical experience. This is due to the need to determine the quality of the installation performed, the performance of the system. Representatives of Scand Engineering Group LLC guarantee the European quality of each procedure. Our company operates internationally, introducing the latest advances in the field of mounting technology of wide application. Employees of the company are different:
A good understanding of the basics of each type of equipment;
The ability to use, customize, test special software;
The presence of deep skills in the use of modern instruments, technological tools;
The ability to analyze the readings of various measuring devices;
Skills of registration of the relevant technical documentation,
Experience of repair, settings specialized equipment.
By themselves, the work becomes a continuation of the installation. An inspection of the installed equipment is carried out before its full launch and delivery of the project to the customer. The master, who has all the necessary approvals, has the right to inspect and sign on behalf of the company an act confirming the fact of the passed tests. On its basis, further on, a guarantee of high quality of work performed.
Commissioning works performed by us include:
Assessment of the quality of the installation;
Individual setting of the equipment;
Elimination of detected errors, malfunctions (if any), defects;
Trial start-up of the system, its testing in the modes of full and partial load;
Additional adjustment (if necessary);
Comprehensive assessment of the interaction of several systems, their effects on each other;
Training customer representatives to work with new equipment.
In some cases, we additionally include in the list of tests a long-term observation of working equipment. Helps to identify errors in the work under high load during the working hour, day or more period of time. Usually used in production after the installation of expensive equipment, devices related to the life of employees or customers of our customer.