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Modernization of systems and networks
Modernization of existing systems means complete or partial replacement of outdated or inefficient equipment (cable or other networks). Scand Engineering Group LLC provides this service to companies operating in various fields. We have many years of experience working with large enterprises from Russia, Europe, and the Baltic States. Our team is qualified specialists who are ready to undertake a project of any complexity. We are distinguished by high quality, short installation time, the ability to provide related services (equipment delivery, system design, commissioning, etc.).
The decision to modify the existing system can only be made on the basis of the audit carried out. During it reveals the presence of obsolete elements, inoperable parts, errors made earlier in the design, installation, operation. It also clarifies the cost of the proposed modernization, determines the economic feasibility of such actions.
In the case of a complete modernization of the system changes all passive and active equipment. Regarding LAN, the reasons for the replacement may be the need for a higher speed of information processing, the growth of the company, the increase in the number of subscribers, and the insufficient quality of communication. A modernization project is being drafted and approved, which includes an indication of the mounting points of the equipment and the name of the new equipment.
If partial rebuilding of the system is needed, some of the elements remain intact. In general, the cost of such work is lower due to lower installation costs, the purchase of new components. Replaced are broken parts, as well as the most outdated models. The service is provided by a company that restores system performance or wants to improve their performance with a limited budget.
The specialists of Scand Engineering Group LLC, based on the verification data, will determine the inefficient elements of the system, the possibilities for its modernization, and draw up an action plan. Years of experience will allow you to quickly organize the replacement of individual parts or all equipment. The operations performed for many years will provide you with impeccably working modern equipment. Our high quality and attractive prices allow us to remain among the leaders in our industry.