Power cable lines
We carry out the supply of power cables, components, as well as the laying of cables at various types of facilities. The quality of the materials used and the professionalism of the staff are directly related to the quality and reliability of the installation of cable lines. Our specialists have many years of practical experience and regularly undergo additional training.

The task of the Scand Engineering Group (SEG) is to provide the needs of a wide range of consumers as quickly and qualitatively as possible. We guarantee high speed of performing tasks of any complexity while maintaining quality and reliability. Professional reputation is confirmed by our customers from among large companies known in the international market.

By laying a cable, the problem of delivering electricity to end users (individuals, organizations, factories, plants) is solved. We carry out several types of cable laying, choosing the best option for each project. This is the organization of underground highways, the use of special trays of metal or plastic, the use of pipes, cable blocks. The scope of such lines is the places where for one reason or another it is impossible to conduct the route by air:
• Parks, squares, locations of gardens or other green spaces;
• Electrical networks inside buildings;
• Networks of industrial enterprises in whose territory there are a significant number of buildings.
Installation of power cable lines takes place in several stages:
• Preliminary inspection of the territory;
• Drawing up and coordination with the customer of the technical task (place of passage of cable lines);
• Preparatory work - trenching, wall processing;
• Install trays, boxes or pipes;
• Laying of the cable (s);
• Connection of lines, testing;
• Delivery of the project.
The documents transferred to the customer must indicate the list of the measures taken.
For the places differing by constrained conditions for laying of power cables laying in the suspended way is used. To install apply support urban lighting, power lines. If necessary, an increase in the number of existing transmission lines. Choosing this method takes into account typical weather conditions, the presence of chemicals that destroy the environment, the likelihood of cable breakage. In accordance with the observations, the engineer selects for the suspension a brand of power cable with sufficient strength, frost resistance, dynamic stability, and the ability to withstand strong short-term loads.