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Automation of power management systems
Automation of power management systems will make the work of various types of equipment more efficient, increase the reliability, durability of the system. The Scand Engineering Group company offers you a full range of automation services for power management systems at a facility of any complexity. On our side - many years of experience in several countries, the high qualification of each employee involved.
Automation refers to the installation of subsystems that regulate the consumption of power supply to individual structures, floors, rooms. The work is carried out taking into account production and economic feasibility. Both standard solutions and company developments are applied. We introduce new equipment of European quality, conducting a full range of preliminary preparation and testing.

System features
The economic effect of using the equipment becomes noticeable in the short term. When ordering this service from us, customers receive:
• The ability to measure power consumption parameters in individual areas;
• Output of data on the current situation of the energy scheme or historical information in a convenient form (table, chart, mnemonic scheme);
• Automated control of equipment that does not require constant monitoring of the human operator;
• Notification in case of failures, emergencies;
• Determine the efficiency of the system, reducing the overall energy consumption;
• Rapid diagnosis and monitoring of equipment;
• Power quality control;
• Formation of an archive with data.
The service is designed for objects with heavy loads on the electrical network and the associated costs. High quality equipment will allow using it for years, increasing the resulting economic effect while reducing payments for electricity consumption. Timely maintenance extends service life. Our specialists have experience in monitoring and maintaining such systems in proper condition.
Installation Procedure

We automate energy management systems, having carried out work from planning to project delivery and maintenance. The range of services includes:
• Survey to assess the condition of the equipment;
• Development and refinement of technical specifications (TZ);
• Preparation and approval of the project;
• Delivery of equipment on time;
• Installation and configuration of devices;
• Testing and system startup;
• Delivery of the project.

Scand Engineering Group is individually suited to each client. We take into account your specifics - we give recommendations and proceed to the development of the system.