The company Scand Engineering Group (SEG) is engaged in the implementation, installation and maintenance of instrumentation and automation - instrumentation and automation. These are devices designed to measure various kinds of physical parameters. Allows you to automate production and other processes, increasing their efficiency. Improve control over various operations without human intervention. Used in heavy, light industry, utilities, in construction and other industries.
The engineer for instrumentation and automation of instrumentation and automation equipment will inspect your object, compile a list of the necessary equipment, determine the sensor installation sites. An individual approach, considerable practical experience of the staff, and strict adherence to the established rules help us to meet high standards of European quality.

We carry out a full range of activities to create an effective system of diagnostics and automated process management. In the long run, the resulting economic benefit will only increase.
Instrumentation and automation includes a large list of items that differ from each other in purpose. The equipment provided can be classified according to several parameters:
Measurement method - comparison / direct devices
Portable, stationary
By type of data
By type of scale used (uniform, non-zero, two-sided, etc.)
Measurement accuracy;
By measured indicators.

There are sensors that monitor humidity, temperature, pressure, flow rate of something, the composition of the liquid or gas, the level of liquid in an open / closed space, and other values. Each variety is divided into subcategories, differing in the method of analysis, the requirements for the place of use. Proper organization of the system requires a clear understanding of the purpose of each of its elements and the relevance of its use in this case.
The operation of automation does not require special training. Kits are accompanied by a project and application guide. Perform high-quality installation and instruct the staff.
Qualified staff of Scand Engineering Group (SEG) will determine the necessary system composition, supply the necessary equipment, install and test. Among our clients are large commercial and industrial organizations that are satisfied with the result. We provide guarantees for the work performed - we are fully confident in our abilities and are able to solve a problem of any complexity.