Cable systems and lines
Electrical systems and networks are a complex of buildings and equipment (power plants, power lines, distribution equipment) designed to receive and transmit electricity to the end user. As a consumer can act as an individual, using electrical appliances, and factories and factories, residential buildings, etc.
The key elements of the system are power substations, power lines, distribution mechanisms and switchboards. From the quality of the installed equipment and the installation depends on the service life of the equipment. Since equipment outage is capable of stopping the activity of the entire enterprise, careful monitoring of all stages of networking is required.

Scand Engineering Group (SEG) provides services for the design, installation, maintenance of this equipment and machinery. We are also engaged in the supply of all necessary elements, ensuring quality that meets modern requirements. Our main customers are large organizations for which the quality and durability of equipment comes first.

Installation of electrical networks
Ordering electrical work in the company Scand Engineering Group (SEG), you get a quality and in time completed order with the documentation of all stages of its implementation. We work officially and have all the necessary licenses and certificates. All employees have practical experience, are familiar with the latest technology in this area. There are well-established algorithms for performing each stage:
• Creation of a technical project: Inspection of the object is carried out in order to identify needs, points of distribution of elements of the power grid, requirements for laying of cable networks, providing additional protection. The engineer determines the list of necessary equipment, possible difficulties and ways to solve them;
• Preparation of the working area, consisting in marking of cable routes, installation of fastening elements, organization of the installation site;
• Installation of the necessary equipment, laying of cable routes;
• Verification of the network and equipment, testing and delivery of the project.
The professionalism of the work is reflected in the detailed documentation, accurate designation of all cable lines laid. Indicates the rated voltage, cable cross-section, number of wires, brand. Such documentation simplifies further maintenance, diagnostics, repair.

Our services
We carry out any work related to the design, installation, maintenance of electrical networks:
• Preliminary calculation of operating modes;
• Cable installation;
• Installation and commissioning of power equipment;
• Location of power lines;
• Design of electrical circuits;
• Testing and launching of power equipment;
• Service and repair.

We operate internationally, asserting ourselves as a trusted service provider you can trust. In favor of the Scand Engineering Group (SEG), customers from Northern and Central European countries have made their choice.