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Coordination of projects
Commissioning of various equipment requires coordination with the relevant authorities. The customer of the designed system can address the issue independently or entrust it to specialists. In this case, he does not waste time, permission will be obtained in a short time. In the extreme case, a specialist will promptly identify the reasons for the refusal and issue recommendations that help to make the necessary corrections to the generated project. If you order the preparation of a work plan in our company, this risk is minimal. We are guided by the existing rules, knowing how to organize work without violations.
Scand Engineering Group (SEG) employees are professionals with many years of experience. Our team deals with issues related to several industries at once - IT systems, industrial equipment, electrical engineering. We are aware of the existing norms, peculiarities of the legislation of Russia, the Baltic States, European countries, which have our branches. Work on the international market requires high-quality tasks. Reviews from companies from different regions confirm our competitiveness and focus on results.
Our advantages
The choice of the Scand Engineering Group (SEG) as the company coordinating the project is explained by several important features:
Years of experience in the market of several countries, which made it possible to learn all the subtleties of solving the issues of project coordination
Highly qualified specialists who initially create a project that meets all requirements. There are no reasons to refuse its implementation;
Relationships have been worked out that help in the shortest possible time to solve the necessary questions;
After the approval of the design works, we undertake their implementation, as well as the subsequent maintenance of the system;
The cost and timing of the implementation of tasks distinguishes us from competitors.
We also deal directly with installation, commissioning works. During the creation of the project of work we take into account all the requirements of the customer Able to argue every decision. If necessary, further installation work is also carried out by the Scand Engineering Group (SEG) staff - we have several departments focused on information systems, power grids and other areas.
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