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Design work
Design work involves the creation of documentation (drawings, explanatory notes) that serve as the basis for the subsequent ordering of equipment and its installation. It is this documentation that determines the final cost of all operations, the time required. Depending on the area, professionals in various fields — electricians, engineers, specialists in ventilation, water supply, security systems, etc. — take part in creating the work plan.
Scand Engineering Group (SEG) is engaged in the implementation of design work in all key areas. We work primarily with large commercial and industrial enterprises. Our team is self-confident professionals with significant experience in the chosen field. For many years we have been cooperating with well-known companies from Europe, Russia, and the Baltic countries. We have positive feedback from leaders in various industries - the best proof of the quality of our services.
When creating a project, we must take into account the specifics of the object and customer requirements. We do not use template schemes, building the structure so that it is as efficient as possible in a specific situation. We guarantee a truly European quality and high speed of execution. We are ready to provide the necessary certificates and approvals for the design work in a particular area.
Design Stages
Creating a project to which employees will be guided during the implementation of the task includes several steps:
Pre-project preparation - defines the basic requirements on the basis of which you can calculate the necessary funding, the timing of implementation;
Design work - the required equipment is determined that corresponds to the operating conditions, the points of location of the nodes of the future system.
Sometimes they single out the stage of the working draft when drawings and explanatory notes for the customer and performers are formed. The documentation always indicates the brand of equipment used. The proposed equipment, places and methods of installation must comply with existing standards and not pose a threat to human life and health, as well as the risk of damage to tangible property.
Implementation of the project begins on time after approval. Our engineer will foresee possible difficulties and ways to solve them, avoiding additional expenses and loss of time. During their practice, the company's employees have gained a wealth of experience helping to solve the most difficult of the tasks.