Lighting systems

Designing and installation of the lighting system is one of kea stages in construction. Any building (wear house, shopping centre, the industrial enterprise centre, etc.) could act as an object. We offer organisation of the “under-kea” lighting, from the designing to the direct installation work. We carry out the system installation of lighting, according to available specifications, and we also modernise the existing networks, for cost reductions on the electric power.

The company is presented at Europe´s, Russia´s and the Baltic States market. Mainly we cooperate with large enterprises that pay special attention to the quality of the performed work. We also have a lot of positive reviews from domestic and foreign clients. Our team includes many specialists of various profiles, who can execute wide range of engineering work. Furthermore, we have all the necessary admissions and certificates and we work strictly according to the approved technical assignment.

In short terms and without loss of efficiency, we perform:

  • Installation of street lighting;
  • Installation of internal lightning system.

Experiences from hundreds of executed projects allow us to take on the implementation of project of any complexity. All of work break into several stages, where each is marked by the corresponding documentation:

  • We calculate quantity and type of sources of lightning, taking into consideration all necessary illuminations of the room, or the working area (equipment installation site);
  • Laying of cable routes;
  • Installation of the lighting equipment;
  • Installation of uninterruptible power supply units for networks of emergency lighting;
  • Testing and checking of the illumination, according to specifications;
  • Demonstration and commissioning of the project.

We take all of our client´s whishes into account, and provide them with an explanation of necessity points to specifications.

Project details

We consider the factors, which are capable to influence the duration of operation of the equipment. The engineers at a planning stage consider all of the features of the object, proposing the optimal solution. Years of work in this direction allowed us acquiring necessary experience for the successful termination of each task. We have no dissatisfied clients, and projects that we could not execute.

The nuances that influence the choice of the equipment and a installation method:

  • Territory size;
  • Room type;
  • Capacity of the allocated power supply network;
  • Level of humidity, temperature, and other influences of the environment.

Upon the work end, we provide detailed technical documentation, acts, and other information on all performed transactions. For simplification of the subsequent upgrade, or diagnostics of network, we specify the name of each mounted element (a cable, the lamp, the accumulator, etc.).

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