Power cable lines

We perform delivery of power cables, accessories, and also laying of cables on objects of different type. Quality of the used materials and professionalism of employees have a direct bearing on quality and reliability of installation of cable lines. Our specialists have long practical experience of work, furthermore regularly they have an additional training.
The task of Scand Engineering Group (SEG) – the quickest and high-quality ensuring any requirements from wide range of consumers. We guarantee the high speed of tasks accomplishments of any complexity while saving quality and reliability. Our customers from large companies, known in the international market, confirm our professional reputation.
By laying a cable, the problem of delivery of the electric power to the final consumer (to the individual, the organization, factories, the plants) is solved. We carry out several types of laying of a cable, choosing an optimal option for each and every project. It is the organization of underground highways, or use of special trays from metal or plastic, or application of pipes, or cable blocks. The scope of usage of such lines are places, where for any other reason is impossible to carry out the route by airways:
• Parks, squares, locations of gardens or other green plantings;
• Electrical networks in constructions;
• Networks of industrial enterprises, in the territory of which, there are significant amount of constructions.

Installation of power cable lines comes in several stages:
• Preliminary territory inspection;
• Preparation and coordination with the customer of specification: places of passing of cable lines;
• Preparatory work – digging of a trench, walls treatment;
• Installation of trays, boxes or pipes;
• Cable (cables) laying;
• Connection of the line, testing;
• Commissioning of the project.
In documents, transferred to the customer, all of made actions are listed and specified.

For the places, that are tight for laying the power cable lines, we use the suspension method. For the installation, we use the footing of city lighting and electrical power lines. If needed, we increase the number of electrical power lines footing. Choosing this method, we take in consideration weather conditions, any chemical substances that could potentially destroy local environment, and possibility of the cable breakage. According to the made observations for suspension, the engineer selects the needed brand of the power cable, which has the sufficient durability, frost resistance, dynamic firmness and an ability to transfer strong short-time load.

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