Control-measuring devices and equipment

The Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company is engaged in implementation, installation and we maintain instrumentations and automatic equipment. These devices are intended for any measurement of physical parameters in the established range. They allow automate production processes and production itself, by increasing their efficiency, and improve control of different transactions without participation of any person. Furthermore, they are used in heavy and unlabored industry, municipal services, in the construction sphere and other industries.

The control engineer, with measuring devices, instrumentations and automatic equipment will examine your object, and constitute the list of the necessary equipment, determine installation sites, and will put together the exact schedule on implementation and adaptation of the equipment. Individual approach, considerable practical experience of employees, exact observance of statutory rules and requirements help us match high standards of the European quality.

We carry out a full range of necessary actions for creation of effective systems of diagnostics and automated process management. In long-term distance, received economic benefit will only increase.


Used equipment

The instrumentation and automated control systems include the big list of names, which are different from each other according to its destination. Provided equipment can be classified by several parameters:

  • Measurement method: comparison devices / direct action;
  • Figurative, stationary;
  • Data provision;
  • Used scale (uniform, sub-zero, bilateral, etc.);
  • Measurement accuracy;
  • Measurement indicators


There are sensors controlling humidity, temperature, pressure, an expense, compound level of liquid or gas, liquid level in the opened/closed space and other values. Each version is divided into subcategories, which varies in an analysis method, required to the place of application. The competent organization of a system requires a clear understanding of the purpose of each of its elements, and relevancy of application in this case.

Operation of automatic equipment does not require special preparations. Kits accompanied by projects and the applications guide. We will execute high-quality installation, and provide training of service personnel.

Among our clients are the large commercial and industrial companies, which stayed happy with received result. We provide guarantees for the performed work, and we are completely sure of our strength and are capable to solve a problem of any complexity.

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