Cable lines and systems

We deliver the equipment for the organization of the cable bearing systems, lines. We render services of installation, being one of leaders in the industry. We work at the market of several European countries, conforming to the established requirements to the equipment and its installation. Our clients – the largest commercial, industrial clients and the companies speak about quality of the work of employees.

The cable bearing system is the massif of channels. From metal or plastic, intended for open posting of the line in a construction. The type of an object can be a miscellaneous: apartment house, office or an office building, and also industrial enterprise. Elements from thermo-strong structure are located separately and are capable to effectively resist to burnings. The choice, of specific model, is made proceeding from the specification.

All cables are laid in the special channel which can pass along walls, ceilings, can be fastened to a floor, and can also be under hollow floors, creating cable mines. Fixture can be made, so that nothing would interfere with the production process or placements of the equipment. Our specialists guarantee reliability and smooth operation in any situation. Depending on type of an object and an objective additions, accessories are selected: trays, pipes, fixture, etc.

Benefits of cable system:
• A possibility of a compact arrangement of the considerable massifs of wires that allow a quick access for diagnostics, repair or replacement without any special work;
• Posting goes along the zone which is made for it, and wires do not mix with each other;
• The risk of damage from physical impact on an external part of a cable is decreased.

The system is purchased only 1 time, then it is possible to change old wires and carry out other upgrades. Furthermore it saves time, and money.

We perform installation of cable system of open type, and also ladder trays:
In the first case the tray is made from wires, and galvanized steel with or without perforation. It has insignificant weight that allows to establish it under a hollow floor, or to fix it in a wall or a ceiling.

The tray of ladder type is irreplaceable during the work with cable collectors, allowing to mount dozens of routes, alarm cables with high weight.

SEG products

Basic elements of the system, offered by our Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company:
• The cable trays from galvanized steel, which are used when laying cables. They do not rust, resist to corrosion, and help to make levels of system in the buildings, outside, and any other surfaces. They are relevant for many types of objects;
• Covers to trays. To protect a cable from external impact. A tray component.
• A tray of ladder type. The special version, chosen for works on laying of an open electrical wiring with need of branching to several locations;
• Cable racks. Necessary for placement of cable trays. It is applied to installation of cable routes, and also cable mines, including high-voltage networks;
• Regiments cables. Are necessary as an element of the system of laying the cable lines;
• The console – is attached to the bearing surface by means of special openings. It is necessary in laying of cable routes, wires, installation of trays;
• Suspensions for the works requiring the carry out lines on a ceiling;
• The additional equipment – brackets, connectors, arms, corners, clips, channels, etc.

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