Automation of electrical power control systems

Automation of electrical power management systems will make work of a different type of the equipment more effective; increase reliability and durability of system. The Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company offers you a full range of services in automation of the electrical power management systems on an object of any complexity. On our part – a long experience of work in several countries, high qualification of each involved employee.

What we mean under word “automation” is the installation of the sub-systems regulating an expense of power supply of separate constructions, floors and rooms. Taking into account production and economic feasibility the work is carried out. Both: prototype solutions and practices of the company are applied. We implement the new equipment of the European quality, holding a full range of preliminary preparations and testing.

Possibilities of a system

Economic effect of the equipment usage is already seen in the short period of time. Ordering this service from us, clients receive:

  • Possibility of parameter measurement of power consumption on certain sites;
  • Output data about current situation of the power scheme or archival data in a convenient type (table, schedule, symbolic circuit);
  • Automated management of equipment, which does not require constant control of an operator;
  • Notification, in case of failures or emergencies;
  • Designation of over-all performance of system, decrease in a general expense of the electric power;
  • Quick diagnostics and control of the equipment;
  • Quality control of the electric power;
  • Arranging the data archive.

This service is designed for objects with big loads of electrical network and it´s expenses. High quality of the equipment will allow using it, not just for a year, increasing this way the economical effect electrical consumption payment reduction. Maintenance in the right time prolongs equipment´s life.

Our specialists have experience of maintenance and control of similar systems, in proper condition.

Installation´s order

We automate our electrical power systems, carrying out works: from planning before commissioning of the project, and accomplishment of maintenance.

The services range includes:

  • Inspection for the purpose of equipment´s condition assessment;
  • Development and elaboration of the specification (technical task);
  • Preparation and coordination of the project;
  • Delivery of the equipment in time;
  • Installation and setup of devices;
  • Testing and starting of system;
  • Commissioning of the project.

The Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company approach each client individually. We consider client´s specifics, and we make recommendations. Then we start system development.

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