Electric systems and networks

Electric systems and networks represent a complex of the constructions and the equipment (power plants, power lines, the distribution equipment) intended for acceptance, usage power transmission to the final consumer. The customer could be any person using electrical devices, or factories, residential buildings and etc.
Crucial elements of system are power substations, power lines, distribution mechanisms and boards. Service life of the equipment depends on quality of an equipment and the place of its installation. As the damaged cable is capable of stopping all of activities in the whole company, careful control of all stages of the network organization is required.
The Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company provides services in designing, installation, servicing of this machinery and equipment. Also, we deliver all necessary elements, guaranteeing the quality conforming to modern requirements. Our major customers are large organizations for which quality and service life of the equipment is on the first place.
Installation of electric networks
Ordering electric installation work in the Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company, you will receive qualitatively and in time the executed order with documentation of all stages of accomplishment. We work officially, having necessary licenses and certificates. All employees have practical experience, and they are familiar with the latest updates of the equipment in the field. There are acquired algorithms of accomplishment of each stage:
Creation of the engineering design. Inspection of an object is performed for the purpose of detection of requirements, points of placement of elements of the power supply network, and requirements to laying of cable networks, ensuring additional protection. The engineer determines the list of the necessary equipment, possible difficulties and ways of solving them;
The preparation of the working area, consisting in a marking of cable routes, installation of elements of fixture, the organization of the place of installation;
Installation of the necessary equipment, laying of cable routes;
Checking of network and equipment, testing and commissioning of the project.
Professionalism of performance is reflected in detail in completed documentation, for accurate designation of all laid cable lines. The rated voltage, cable sections, numbers of veins, brands are specified. Such documentation simplifies further service, diagnostics, repair.
Our services
We perform any work connected with designing, installation, servicing of power supply networks:
• Pre-design of operating modes;
• Installation of cables;
• Installation and adjustment of the power equipment;
• Placement of power lines;
• Designing of schemes of the power supply network;
• Works on testing and start of the power equipment;
• Servicing and repair.
We work at the international level, having declared oneself as the reliable service provider who can be trusted. That is why we have been chosen by many clients from Northern and Central Europe.
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