Closed-circuit television systems

Video surveillance is one of the most common and effective ways to control what is happening. By setting the camera, the owner of the system can be monitoring around-the-clock with minimal state of security officers. Company Scand Engineering Group (SEG) provides equipment for video surveillance, as well as its installation services, configuration and maintenance.

What do you get by placing the camera in the office, store, shopping centre, warehouse, another object:

  • Control of all movements of material assets. You can keep track of who and when committed illegal actions;
  • Observing employees´ behavior, customer service quality. It helps resolve conflicts, allocate person who neglects duties;
  • Reduces the need for a large number of security guards. It is possible to reduce their staff;
  • More free time. You do not need all the time to stay in the territory. There are always available all the records of events, and remote monitoring via the Internet.

The composition of CCTV:

  • Cameras with different characteristics (degree of protection, type of matrix, resolution, etc.);
  • Video recorders, servers, data storage;
  • Cable networks, transitioning of information that fuels electronics;
  • Power supply.

Optional equipment is equipped with brackets, removable lenses, infrared spotlights and microphones. Cables are hidden in the hood. If you want to put it on the street, laying under the ground, it is possible to use more durable protection.


Design of CCTV systems is the first stage of the work, without which it cannot be done. Wherever you want to put more than 1-2 cameras, you need to carefully study the object with the client’s needs. Our specialists evaluate the specificity of work, existing protective equipment (alarms, access control), all of it is possible to put into one piece by organizing reliable protection of the territory.

Employees of the company are professionals with many years of practical experience and pay attention to the following details:

  • Surrounded area, which should cover the TV camera, the presence of the fixing points, objects that complicating review (wall, tree, sign);
  • Requirements for shooting specific zones if it is suitable for general overview or it needs detailed picture of what is happening;
  • Operating conditions. Street space, the average temperatures, the presence of interference, noise and dust;
  • Earlier installed cameras or other equipment, which are supplemented by new models.

After receiving the necessary information, we make the project, which includes a list of equipment, assembly pointes schemes, and total cost.


After all approvals and refining the project the installation of CCTV systems begin. Masters put cables, secure cameras and microphones, test the entire video, and the individual elements. The quality of work is always demonstrated to the customer. Also the order and the video system management rules are being told.

If you want to configure remote access over the Internet, we are able to do so. The owner of the enterprise, the security chief and other authorized persons will be able to view video from home PC or a mobile phone. Also in case of emergencies they will receive automatic notifications about incidents (it will be specified at the design stage).

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