Access control systems

Access control system (ACS), is one of the modern ways of property protection, control facilities from unauthorized access, check the time of arrival and departure of employees. It allows you to set access levels for visitors, individuals. Physically, the equipment presented in the form of hardware and software. If you are interested in quality and worthy price, you can buy a CDS from us, and also order the installation and commissioning of the system.

The new technique will help you solve a number of problems:

  • Restrict the appearance of strangers or transport on the territory.
  • Consider the visiting of protected area up to the minute. Identify late-coming staff, other violators of established regulations.
  • Monitor movements in the territory by dividing it into zones with different tolerance;
  • Identify visitor´s personality scanning fingerprints, retina. It will be impossible to deceive it, and the information about the visit is entered into the database.


Equipment for access control systems

Among implementations of Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company, the core of access Control technology are:

  • Controllers that control the operation of the entire system;
  • Reader that work with key rings, cards, keys;
  • Retina scanners, fingerprinting systems;
  • Code panel, through which actuators can be controlled;
  • Exit button to open the lock without the involvement of the key;
  • Locks, barriers, turnstiles – elements blocking the unauthorized access to the premises;
  • Software, which analyzes the incoming data, is given to the team. It provides flexible configuration of access control.

The number of units of particular equipment is determined by the terms of reference. It is also possible to install autonomous systems, which are not connected to the central controller, and control usually one door or gate.


Installation of access control

Uninterrupted operation of the access control system – the key to the security of property companies. Our company has a staff of specialists focused on working with ACS. The quality of each stage of installation is provided by long practice of all team members.

  • Drafting. Determined by the client’s needs, a specialist visits the installation site and defines the list of necessary equipment.
  • Preparation´s work.
  • Installation of the system.
  • Testing the resolution of identified problems. The master must take into account if the building has a significant amount of security equipment (CCTV, alarm systems).
  • Project delivery. Demonstrate performance of installed components, we explain the rules work, and set access levels.

We carry out maintenance and further CDS, extending its service life in excess of this guarantee.


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