Automation and control systems

Available services, is an organization of integrated hardware and software system for centralized and automatic control engineering systems. The presence of a single control center can reduce the costs of operation of the facility (buildings, structures, complex). The use of automation and control systems make it possible to achieve the advantages that are already noticeable after the beginning of the start-up equipment. Centralized control of all utilities saves resources for the duration of the use of technology.

Contact us and get the following benefits:

  • Increase the level of comfort at all complex locations
  • It will decrease the cost of facilities operation
  • Reduce the risk of malfunctions
  • Cost-effectiveness: gas, water, and electricity. Get rid of the losses, which are inevitable in the absence of a single remote control
  • Reduce the probability of accidents, emergency modes. Automation much faster, than a person would react to the incident, according to the existing algorithm.

The traditional understanding of engineering equipment facilities is a number of systems operating independently. The lack of a well-functioning interaction, or the use of standard solutions, leads to the loss of resources, increased wear-offs, and emergencies. By automating the work, owners receive a permanent benefit, reducing daily expenses.

The unique capabilities of the system:

We offer modern world-class equipment, capable to combine, and track performance of any of its elements. Technology from Scand Engineering Group (SEG) is able to control:

  • Ventilation, air-conditioning
  • Heat points, boilers, heating systems
  • Building elevators
  • Pumping stations
  • Power supply of any part of the facility
  • Internal, external lighting
  • Cooling centers
  • Fire, burglar alarm
  • Water abstraction plant.

It is also possible to connect a variety of sensors – humidity, levels of carbon dioxide, temperature, recordings of energy consumption.

System Organisation: 

We do not use standard solution, we study every single object individually for understanding the processes occurring in it. On the basis of specific information, system focuses on their optimization. Individual approach allows us to provide a guarantee for the long term, helping efficiently to manage building technique.

Drawing equipment´s operation algorithm directly, comes in 2 stages:

1) Study load, the cost of resources in various conditions.

2) Processing, verification of the data, an optimal algorithm for the engineering, control modules.

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