Automation of fire protection

High-grade fire protection for objects cannot be created without the union of available automation components into a single complex. There are ventilations control algorithms, smoke exhausts, lifts, notification mechanisms, fire. They do not allow false alarm, helping to implement fast and safe evacuation, to fight the fire without waiting for the arrival of the security services.

That this complex mechanism would work without failure, it is required careful planning, a clear understanding of its objectives and purpose of each element. Our employees have many years of practical experience with the fire protection and alarm systems. We provide services for the design, installation, configuration, and subsequent maintenance. Among our customers there are large companies, in which territory there are thousands of people every day. Our main task is the safety of each and every one of them and we successfully cope with it.

Composition of the system

Complex automatic detection of fire, alarm and fire extinguishing include:

  • Management and control modules;
  • Sensors that determine the smoke, open flames, high concentrations of certain gases, the rising of temperature;
  • Smoke detectors
  • Power supply
  • Fire-fighting mechanisms

As soon as one of the sensors transmits the appropriate signal, the control unit sends a command “Fire” to a pager, smoke removal system, fire extinguish system. For the large systems it is usual to divide divisions into separate zones with their modules. On the receiving-control equipment it is shown which specific sensors caught the change in excess of allowable values. To avoid false alarms it analyzes information from other installations in this sector. Depending on the specific object, the total number of different type of sensors, the intensity of particular room.

Actions in a case of fire:

Without human intervention, team of the Control Unit performs following actions:

  • Preventatives and attendants get notification about the incident
  • Disconnecting the hoods, ventilations and air conditioning, reducing burning intensity;
  • Start of smoke machines with the opening of special valves;
  • Overlapping sources of air penetration from floor of the elevator shafts, staircases;
  • Start of active fire suppression systems: foam and spray, water and other systems.

Proper configuration of protection guarantees fast evacuation of people from the building. Pointer to the evacuation location always illuminated. It unlocks doors, turnstiles, and gates. There are algorithms of actions in case of fire in any given area. Our experts calculate them in advance. It can be done even at the stage of equipment selection and its installation point. Tests have shown high efficiency of the company’s experts, and they meet all the safety requirements in the XXI century.

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