Low-current systems and networks

In our days different electronic communications is an important part of life. They provide comfort in the local home, in the company, offices, and shopping mall. Following buildings include in themselves low-current systems and networks. Those are leading systems that have equipment under the voltage in the composition. They include:

  • Security equipment: compex sensors, that react towards noises, vibrations, level change, temperature and other irritants. They can work all day long, or in the certain hours. Usually they have mutual remote control, that connects elements of the notification system (siren)
  • Fire alarm. It helps warning about flaming or a smoke blanketing, helps to determine the place of ignition, to turn an alert, to notify person on duty about happening, and get the fire extinguish going.
  • CCTV (video monitoring). Cameras, microphones that help to control the situation in the territory. They record all happenings. In many cases they can warn the operator/owner of the object about invasion.
  • Dispatching system. They are used for monitoring yhe situation, object element´s control that occupy big area.
  • Control and management systems with access. They help to prevent brake-in´s from outsiders to the secured area, fix time of workers arrival/leaving, and help to appoint and annul the allowance levels.

Those are just some of elements of secure protection of any of large commercial or industrial facility.

Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company provide service and installation service of low-voltage systems, favourably comparing to the analogues, that are present on the market.

Our advanteges: quality and speed of the performed work, and guaranty provision.


The main steps of montaging:

  • Familiarization with the requirements and wishes of the customer, designing of the system in accordance with existing regulations. Individual approach includes special attention to the type of object;
  • We select the equipment according to the technical project;
  • At the agreed time we make direct installation of the system;
  • Work equipment is tested. Even at the design stage, we take into account its compatibility
  • System run

All the work, which has been carried out, is reflected in the relevant documentation. In the future, we conduct maintenance of the installed equipment, extending the life of the guarantee in excess of the set. We can also provide training of the personnel about the system´s work (view video cameras, alarm switch, etc.).

In the first place we aim to the smooth functioning of the system in any environment. We always correspond to the declared parameters, and we are ready at any time to confirm it in practice.

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