Telephone networks

We render service in design and a spacer of telephone networks on different objects: in office buildings, the industrial enterprises, public institutions, etc. The company has the department oriented on operation with telephony in composition. Our employees are the professionals who confirmed the qualification. Each of them has experience with the large networks assuming special attentiveness and accuracy.

In addition to customary telephone lines we are engaged in the IP telephony, mounting of networks on the basis of mini-automatic telephone exchange. Let’s apply checked decisions to service of your business, the organization of communication between sub-dividing of the company, other subscribers.

Clients of Scand Engineering Group (SEG) the companies from Europe were among, the Baltic, Russia. For years of existence we received hundreds of comments from the customers working at the international level. Are ready to execute successfully the project of any complexity, having created a telephone network “from scratch” or having improved available.

Our features:

  • We are guided by high European standards that is inevitable by operation in the international market;
  • Only employees with experience who were checked for professional suitability enter into staff;
  • We use a modern equipment. We are sure of its reliability;
  • We work accurately according to the specifications, without retreat of periods;
  • We provide warranties on every work performed.

We don’t apply prototype solutions – we are always guided by requirements of the customer, feature of a specific object. You can be sure that we will choose for you an optimal variant.

Company services

Communication belongs to one of the most important things of our time. We set telephone networks in any constructions, providing long-term continuous operation. Depending on conditions of an application the equipment, specified in TZ, and services are selected:

  • Cable laying by an open method – the least wasteful option which isn’t assuming the considerable loadings;
  • Application corrugations – will provide the increased protection of a cable, will become an additional tool of insulation;
  • The spacer in a cable channel – hides a cable from a third-party look, serving as additional protection. Allows us to carry out accurately it on vertical and horizontal surfaces;
  • The hidden installation – is necessary in cases when the laid-out trunk can be damaged (on production) or will spoil an interior of locations.

The list also includes the operations of phone connection outlets on one or more devices; wire connection to the front line in the switchboard, adjustment of automatic telephone exchange.

Projects for information systems and network

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