Data centres

Scand Engineering Group (SEG) renders service of creation of the data centres “from scratch”. It includes design, delivery of the equipment, mounting, setup, testing, and subsequent service. We provide warranties on every work performed. Our confidence is based on experience of cooperation with the large domestic and foreign companies. Among our clients, are commercial, industrial enterprises from Russia, Northern & Central Europe, and the Baltic States.

The staff of the company includes only professionals who confirmed the qualification. We have own department oriented on the professional organization of operation of centers of storage and data handling. At a stage of planning we give reason for each made decision, we completely agree on the worked-out project with the customer. Our engineers observe the specification in accuracy, performing work qualitatively and in the stipulated periods.

We are ready to provide any additional information, to consult concerning design, service, and installation of equipment for the data-center.


General information

A data center is the center of storage and data handling, in a general view it represents the building with the specialized equipment and high-speed connection to the Internet placed in it. There are centers of the different size: up to a container, located in the car for transportation of goods. Your company can apply technique to the analysis of own data, and to providing services to the firms, which don’t have the necessary computational capabilities.

The complex collected by our team is oriented on a solution of business challenges, storage of large arrays of information. Third-party firms, using services of center, save on acquisition of own equipment. If the powerful ADP equipment or your company will provide information services to other organizations, we are ready to give all the necessary help. The service executed with a respect for the European quality standards!


Services of the data centres

The list of opportunities, which you will be able to receive from Scand Engineering Group (SEG):

  • The virtual hosting for placement of websites with a regular monthly fee;
  • The virtual server – storage of user data. Setup of a place selected for one client, and assignment of different rates;
  • The dedicated server – to your client can be provided all servers for certain scale operations. The configuration of the equipment is defined individually;
  • Service of the physical server of the company client in the territory of the data center. The client is exempted from need to incur expenses on own expert.

We don’t use sample diagrams therefore we will organize operation according to your wishes. As a result you will receive the complex, meeting expectations with an optimum ratio of the price and time of mounting.

Projects for information systems and network

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