ATE (automatic telephone exchange)

The Automatic Telephone Exchange (ATE), is the device intended for distribution of arriving calls. It is used by commercial enterprises, in public institutions and on other objects. Appearance of automatic telephone exchange designates transition to a new stage of development, when not longer possible to work without creation of the structured communications system.

The Scand Engineering Group (SEG) company provides service of professional installation of automatic telephone exchange for re-addressing calls to any number of subscribers. High-quality setup of equipment will help operational arrival of information, timely execution of administrative decisions, and will improve coordination of operation of subdividing’s. We have long-term experience with the large organizations from Northern, Central Europe, the Baltic States and Russia. We adhere to the European quality standards, responsibly approaching execution of the operation.

Among our services:

  • Mounting of automatic telephone exchange – the experts who are engaged only in automatic telephone exchange and telephony enter our command. They are capable quickly and without loss of quality, carry out tasks of any complexity;
  • Setup, of an automatic telephone exchange (automatic telephone system) depending on the standing purposes and selected equipment. Ways of re-addressing calls, possibilities of a parallel call of several subscribers and other nuances are defined. We work both with standard, and with the IP telephony;
  • System maintenance – prolongs period of operation. It is useful in conditions of high loadings corresponding to large enterprises.

Operation of automatic telephone exchange:

The provider of services of telephony provides to subscriber numbers, which can be multi-channel. It means a possibility of a double talk with several people. To distribute calls, the automatic telephone exchange is used.

System operation generally looks as following:

  • Client’s call to firm arrives. The operator answers a call. If he is busy, the automatic machine suggests the client to wait or dial internal number;
  • In case dialing another telephone number, automatic telephone exchange switches a call to one of the staff of the company, or a certain department;
  • In case of waiting on the line, the released operator accepts a call and answers questions, or manually switches to the necessary subscriber.

If it is necessary, we can make additional settings to the equipment. For example, if you have a group of operators, in case of unavailability of one of them, the call will transfer to next one. You can also set up a music tune that will be playing in waiting time, information which would be given to a client by an answering machine. Flexibility of options allows a client to organize operation, to minimize quantity of the missed calls, waiting time, and the work of the staff becomes more efficient.

Projects for information systems and network

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